10.6. Backup

Q: Can Mondo burn CD as they are created?
Q: When I try to backup to CD, cdrecord/mkisofs returns an error. Nothing else appears to be wrong. What do I do?
Q: Mondo failed to burn my CD. It said something like, "Error CDB A1 01 02 53 ..." and so on. What does that mean?
Q: May I backup my system with one partition layout and restore with another?
Q: Why does Mondo need so much free disk space?
Q: Will Mondo backup partitions whose formats are not understood by Linux, such as NTFS?
Q: I am trying to do something clever, e.g. write my ISO's to an NFS mount, and I get some weird error messages. What do I do?
Q: Can Mondo backup to data files on another partition, e.g. an NFS mount?
Q: Can Mondo backup _to_ an NFS partition, i.e. backup over a network? How about restoring?
Q: Does Mondo handle System or Hidden attributes when archiving Dos/Win files?
Q: Why do you include IO.SYS and MSDOS.SYS in mondo-vfat, when they belong to Microsoft and are copyrighted?