6.2. Writing the Test CD image

Use the cdrecord application to write the CD image:

bash# cd /root/images/mindi
bash# cdrecord -scanbus 

The output of the above call to cdrecord will tell you your CD writer's node. It is usually '0,0,0'. Choose one of the following calls to write the CD, depending on whether the disk in the drive is a CD-R or a CD-RW. Please replace 'x,x,x' with your writer's node. For further information, type 'man cdrecord" from a Linux command line.

If writing to a CD-RW Drive/Disc:

bash# cdrecord -blank fast dev=x,x,x speed=2 mindi.iso (for CD-RW) 

If writing to a CD-R Drive/Disc:

bash# cdrecord dev=x,x,x speed=2 mindi.iso (for CD-R)