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Make payments with PayPal
 - it's fast, free and secure!

If you are a regular user of Mondo, please consider
supporting the project by purchasing
lifetime 1-to-1 technical support.

Make payments with PayPal
 - it's fast, free and secure!

I created this project nearly five years ago (the first release was on February 18th, 2000) and I am as committed to it now as I was back then. I have been extremely fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time with the right skills to create and maintain Mondo.

My full-time commitment to the project has prevented me from pursuing more lucrative opportunities. Mondo remains free (as in speech and beer) but my time, like yours, has value. I fund my ongoing full-time work on the Mondo project by charging for 1-to-1 technical support.

In case you think Mondo is my cash-cow, I should tell you that I would earn more by working at Taco Bell than I do by working on Mondo. My wife used to work there, so I know what I'm talking about. :) I'm not in this for the money, fortunately. I'm in this for the emotional and intellectual rewards that come from being part of a software project which is trusted by tens of thousands of people across the world.

$30 will get you 1-to-1 support from me. $100 will get you a license for ten commercial seats. In each case, support lasts for as long as you use Mondo.

I accept checks or credit cards (the latter via PayPal). If you find Mondo useful at work or at home, please consider purchasing technical support. I would encourage you to demonstrate that I have made the right choice by choosing to put down the chalupa and pick up the keyboard. :-)

If you use Mondo on a regular basis but don't support the project:-

  • the devteam will continue to maintain and develop Mondo and Mindi

  • we shall still offer technical support via the mailing list
  • I shall continue to assist, giving priority to paying customers

If you do support the project then you will feel a warm, fuzzy feeling in your tummy when Mondo rescues your mission-critical data from the bit-bucket at the end of the Universe. Doesn't that sound nice? Oh, and unlike a chalupa, Mondo won't go straight to your hips.

The generic packages were built on a Red Hat 8 system. If you have problems with them and if there are no packages for your Linux distribution then please try other packages.

If you have trouble with the final release, try the snapshot, which comes fresh from cvs. Final releases are named 1.62 or 1.77 or 0.28 or something like that. Snapshot releases are named 1.62_20020322 or 1.77_20098728 or something like that, and will be presented as "2/18" or "4/14" or similar, below. The final releases are known to be good. The snapshot releases are for users who have had trouble with the final releases but don't feel comfortable checking the latest build out of CVS for testing. If you have had trouble with the latest finals, try the latest snapshots.

Please click on the Mondo Installer CD's directory to find the relevant Mondo, Mindi, and other packages for your distribution.

Anything missing?

If your Red Hat, Mandrake or other RPM-based distribution lacks certain crucial packages, the Mondo RPM will not install. Feel free to navigate the online copy of the Mondo Install CD to find and install the missing packages.

See the Documentation page if you have problems running or installing Mondo or Mindi.