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Mirrors? We don't need no... oh wait, yes we do.

Kung Fu backup script by Phazeman --- new version 0.1.3 is out now!

Click here for latest releases

NEW! Installer CD - if you have the time or bandwidth, please try this CD (image). It is updated on Sundays and Mondays.

Test CD - if you think your hardware is faulty, please download this ISO, burn it to a CD, and boot from it. It lets you test your RAM (with memtest86) and your CPU (with cpuburn and lucifer). Feedback is welcome.

FreeBSD users - Joshua Oreman has ported Mondo to FreeBSD. "FreeBSD is in Mondo v1.73+, and FreeBSD Mindi is in CVS (mindi-fbsd)." - Joshua

Slackware users - try jkvalvaag's packages at

Debian users - click to download Mondo and Mindi... and mindi-kernel if your kernel blows. Much kudos is due to Héctor García Álvarez for rolling the DEBs. I am trying to create my own snapshot DEBs but I have not yet succeeded. Please be gentle with your criticism. :) My thanks go to Steve Hindle and Dagfinn Bakken for helping me with Debian.

If you want the source code to BusyBox, whose precompiled binaries are present in Mindi, please go to and download from there.

CVS is on here! It is now accessable through, e.g.:-

# cvs -d co mindi-devel

(or for you developers)

# export CVS_RSH=ssh
# cvs -d commit

The modules are mondo-stable, mondo-devel, mindi-stable, and mindi-devel.

Click here to see Jesse Keating's SourceForge packages for Mondo 1.4x and Mindi 0.6x - the stable branches of 2002. Jesse is the 1.4x/0.6x maintainer and a fine fellow as well.

I'll resume development of Monitas when time permits.

Monitas (alpha-quality)


HTML docs


PDF docs

See the Documentation page if you have problems running or installing Mondo or Mindi.

BTW, do you need an 'atftp' RPM? Here's the SRPM, just for run. To build it, just type 'rpmbuild --rebuild <package>' after downloading it.

Still reading? The default contribute page looks like this. I've had to put it here so that my snapshot roller script will do its thing. Don't ask. It's very complicated. A dozen chickens perished so that this script could live. Muahahahaha. I am Ozymandias, king of kings... Look upon my works, o ye people, and... look, a pony!